Procedures for Re-opening Worship During the Pandemic

When People Return

    • A person will be located at each entrance door, with a mask, to open it as people arrive to minimize touching the door or the doors will be propped open prior to and after the service.
    • Physical distancing will be implemented by closing off every other pew and not having people that are from different households/families sit in close proximity of each other.
    • There will be no greeters.  If there are bulletins, they will be spread out on a table at the entrances where they can be picked up as people enter the building.
    • There will not be a meet and greet time during the service.
    • Offering plates will be located at the entrances/exits and will not be passed through the pews.
    • Although children’s ministries and education are important, there will not be Sunday school, children’s church, or nursery at this time, but will be phased in when safe to do so.  The children’s message will be given during the worship service, but the children will remain in the pews with their families.
    • When the weather permits, the double doors at the rear of the sanctuary will be open for entering and exiting the church.  This will allow for better physical distancing.
    • All sanctuary exits will be utilized to help maintain physical distancing.
    • People will be encouraged to wear masks when interacting with others.
    • If supplies are available, hand sanitizers, wipes, and masks will be provided.
    • Coffee and food will not be available.
    • The pastor will not shake hands with the worshipers after the service but will maintain a proper physical distance from the worshipers.  
    • Communion will be served utilizing the sealed wafer and cup units and will be located at the entrances so that people can pick them up when they arrive for worship.
    • Trash cans will be placed in the sanctuary for safe disposal of the empty cups/paper.
    • Singing will only be encouraged if a person is wearing a mask.
    • People will be dismissed by rows after the service to minimize congestion when exiting the building.

After People Have Exited the Building

  • The services will continue to be recorded and placed on YouTube so that those who are unable or feel uncomfortable attending in-person worship will have a worship option.
  • After each in-person worship service, the doorknobs/handles, pews, microphones, piano, light switches, bathrooms, and any other items touched by human hands will be wiped down with a disinfecting cleaner.
  • All trash receptacles will be emptied.
  • There will be no other meetings or gatherings at this time but will resume when it is safe to do so.